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30 x GOLD and 1 x SILVER for Exquisa

In 2016, the DLG (German Agricultural Society) once again recognised Exquisa for outstanding product quality. Exquisa products received 31 gold and 1 silver medals. Each product is subjected to comprehensive laboratory analyses and sensory tests. DLG experts judge the products based on the criteria flavour, smell, colour, appearance, and consistency. Only products that excel in each of these criteria can become "DLG Award Winners" and bear the gold, silver, or bronze label.

We are proud of our success and humbled by the awards.

The following products have received the DLG gold label:

Exquisa Soft Cheese 175g /200g:
Exquisa "Creamy" Soft Cheese, Natural
Exquisa Creation Horseradish
Exquisa Creation "à la Elsässer Flammkuchen" (with ham and onions)
Exquisa Creation "alla Bruschetta"
Exquisa Creation Cherry-Pepper
Exquisa Balance natural
Exquisa Yoghurt, Natural
Exquisa Yoghurt, with herbs
fitline 0.2% fat, Natural

Cream Cheese Slices 125g:
With herbs
Bell pepper-chili

Exquisa Fromage Frais 500g:
Exquisa Fromage Frais 0.2%, Natural

Exquisa Fromage Frais 0.2% 500g:
Exquisa Fromage Frais, Strawberry
Exquisa Fromage Frais, Cherry
Exquisa Fromage Frais, Vanilla
Exquisa Fromage Frais, Blueberry
Exquisa Fromage Frais, Peach-Passionfruit
Exquisa Fromage Frais "Dolce Vita" Amarena-Cherry
Exquisa Fromage Frais "Dolce Vita" Stracciatella
Exquisa Fromage Frais "Dolce Vita" Latte Macchiato
Exquisa Fromage Frais "Summer" Cherry-Banana
Exquisa Fromage Frais "Summer" Orange-Lime

Exquisa Fromage Frais 500g:
Exquisa Fromage Frais "The Creamy-Delicious" Mango
Exquisa Fromage Frais "The Creamy-Delicious" Vanilla
Exquisa Fromage Frais "The Creamy-Delicious" Strawberry
Exquisa Fromage Frais "The Creamy-Delicious" Raspberry
Exquisa Fromage Frais "The Creamy-Delicious" Limone

Exquisa Mascarpone:
Exquisa Mascarpone 250g
Exquisa Mascarpone 500g

The following products have received the DLG silver label:

Exquisa Soft Cheese 175g/200g:
Exquisa "Creamy" Soft Cheese, with herbs