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Exquisa Skyr - extra mild and super creamy

Skyr originates from Iceland - the land of myths and legends, where geysers, glaciers and volcanos characterise the landscape. Many hundred years ago, Skyr was supposedly brought to Iceland by the vikings - according to the legend. Icelandic farmers produced Skyr by themselves for the longest time. Typical for Skyr is its high level of protein while being low fat and creamy. 

Luckily, nowadays people don't need to travel to Iceland anymore to enjoy Skyr.

Exquisa Mild Skyr offers a special taste experience: it tastes incomparably mild due to the special production process. Available in three tasty varieties, Exquisa Mild Skyr persuases with a proud amount of protein while being low fat, just as icelandic tradition: the nature variety offers 44g protein per pot, the vanilla variety offers 41g protein per pot and the cherry variety with 39g per pot. 

With this, Exquisa Mild Skyr is loved as a filling snack not only by athletes and fitness fans, but by everyone who's into a conscious diet, that's rich in protein and low fat.

Due to the incomparably creamy consistency, Exquisa Mild Skyr can be mixed perfectly with fresh fruit or crunchy cereal.

Generally, Exquisa Mild Skyr is really versatile: pure, hearty with herbs, as a replacement for crème fraîche, for baking or as a yummy shake.

You will find more information to Exquisa Mild Skyr here.