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The best milk has to offer: Exquisa cream cheese and fromage frais

The natural fresh milk sourced from choice local farmers is the most important ingredient for the production of our Exquisa products. Six litres are needed to make one kilogram of cream cheese, and three litres are needed to make one kilogram of fromage frais. In comparison: Only one litre of milk is needed to produce a kilogram of yoghurt. Since so much more milk is needed to produce cream cheese or fromage frais, they also have a lot more nutritional value than yoghurt, and around 80 percent of the protein contained in the milk remains intact in their production. During production, whey is extracted, resulting in highly concentrated ingredients and therefore a particularly creamy consistency.

Step by step to an incomparable taste

For the most part, cream cheese and fromage frais are made the very same way – after all – fromage frais is just a variety of cream cheese. As a first step, the crude milk is separated into cream and skimmed milk, and is then pasteurised gently, which means it undergoes a quick heating process. Next, some special lactic acid cultures are added. The milk is then stored in large tanks for around 16 to 20 hours for acidification until it thickens. Afterwards, the product is separated into cream cheese and whey. 

The unique creaminess of our cream cheese is achieved with the addition of premium quality cream before the milk is left to thicken. Later, the cream cheese is cooled, and the individual recipes are completed by adding – mostly savoury – selected ingredients like herbs and spices. Before the finished cream cheese is filled into our distinctive rectangular Exquisa tubs, it is once again whipped to create that wonderfully creamy consistency. Quark also has cream added to it – but unlike cream cheese, here the cream is added after the milk has thickened. That is how the spoon-ready, extra creamy whipped consistency of our Exquisa fromage frais varieties is created! Before packaging, our fromage frais products have their sweet or fruity ingredients added to create their typical flavour, or they are simply filled into the pot as our delicious original variety.

Full flavour guaranteed by our mild manufacturing processes

Being the soft cheese and fromage frais specialists we are, we manufacture our products with particular care – so that all the goodness of the ingredients and their full flavours are perfectly maintained. As we are a family business operating in our third generation, we can look back on over 100 years of experience and excellence in dairy processing. It is on the basis of this extensive expertise that we produce our famous soft cheese and fromage frais using milk sourced locally right here in our region – the result: Our incomparable Exquisa products for any occasion!