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Selected Ingredients

All our products are made with carefully selected ingredients to guarantee the exquisite taste that makes Exquisa so incredibly delicious.

All our ingredients are sourced from suppliers with whom we have long-lasting partnerships and whose product quality and performance are regularly verified. Every single ingredient must satisfy our strict quality expectations and undergo an elaborate selection procedure – many ingredients are grown specifically for Exquisa. That is how we make sure that only the very best ingredients are used to make our Exquisa products.

Find out more about these top ingredients that make Exquisa soft cheese and fromage frais so unique! 


Mango is native to the tropics and subtropics, and increasing demand for the fruit ensures its all-year-round availability in the shops.

The fruit originally hails from India, where it is the national fruit.

India is where we source the ripened and plump, wonderfully aromatic mangos for our Exquisa Cream Cheese "Mango-Curry".

Connoisseur Tip:

You can tell the ripeness of a mango is by its aroma – the richer its smell, the riper the fruit. Ripe mangos will feel slightly elastic when gently squeezed.

Their versatility makes them a popular favourite in the kitchen. They taste great on their own, or mixed in with other fruit, and make for a tasty ingredient in exotic chutneys and curries.

Products with Mango:

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