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Peach quark-cream-pie with cereal-crumbles

Peach quark-cream-pie with cereal-crumbles
  • Level of difficulty: medium
  • Preparation time: 60 minutes
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Ingredients (for 4 people)

To prepare the crumble dough you will need:
  • 200 wheat flour
  • 3 tsp. baking powder
  • 50 brown sugar
  • 125 butter
To prepare the filling you will need:
To prepare the topping you will need:
  • 150 cereals (cereals with dried fruits e. g. strawberry-raspberry may also suit well)
  • Powdered sugar


Preliminaries: Grease the pie form, than use a sieve to drain off peaches or apricots.

Crumble dough: In a bowl, add all ingredients and work it until turning into crumbles using a hand mixer (dough hook). Spread ¾ of the crumbles into the pie form, press it to hold firmly, and then stir in the remaining crumbles into the cereal.

Filling: Add the peaches or apricots on top of the dough. Stir Exquisa cream cheese „Creamy Classic“, Exquisa “Creamy Quark Natural”, vanilla pudding, sugar, egg, and spread the entire mix on top of the peaches or apricots.

Topping: Spread the crumbles on top of the cream.

Heat the oven at 180 °C. Insert the pie form into the oven, placing it at the lower part and beak for 30 minutes.

Before serving, sprinkle the pie with powdered sugar.

Hint: Alternately use a regular spring form (26 cm Ø).

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