Fromage Frais

Fromage Frais (0.2% fat)

For fromage frais lovers: Uniquely creamy and full of flavour with only 0.2% fat. Discover all varieties

Exquisa Fromage Frais (0.2% fat)

The fruity fresh fromage frais classic by Exquisa: Unbelievably creamy as it is refined with yoghurt, and incredibly light with only 0.2% fat. Available in several delicious varieties – and seasonal specials. Discover all varieties

Fromage Frais "Greek Style"

Savory fromage frais „Greek Style“ underlaid with carefully selected fruit or fine honey. Available in 4 irresistible tasty varieties for an unbelievably creamy taste experience. Discover all varieties

The Creamy Delicious

Fine yoghurt quark cream for connoisseurs: Our new product line „The Creamy Delicious” offers incomparable Exquisa flavor with only 3,5% fat and stirred especially creamy. Offered in five delicious flavors ranging from exotic and fruity mango to classic raspberry it suits well to everyone’s taste. Discover all varieties